Sekuat Manakah *Kuda-Kuda Kamu?

It has come to my attention that there is an increasing number of young couples who are involved with inter-racial relationship. Living in a multi-racial society, this is of course bound to happen. I have no problems with it. I don’t.

But it saddens me when the Muslim compromise Islam for the sake of the relationship, and having no plans to lead the other to Islam. I am tempted to describe the pictures I’ve seen but I believe there is no need to except that it portrays a very confusing & messed up representation of their belief system.

This is no different than the Muslim couple who leads an un-Islamic lifestyle. People who are neither here nor there. I think youngsters are so swept off by modern lifestyle that they have forgotten their roots. Their history.

I used not to bother with such things because back then I believe Allah chooses whom He wills and that He will always replace a group of people with those who are better for His Religion. I couldn’t understand why the makcik-makcik or pakcik-pakcik will “make noise” when they’ve heard of someone who is a murtad or is leading a murtad’s lifestyle. I’ve always never associate race with religion (eg. a Malay isn’t necessarily a Muslim).

But I think I understand now. Our elders are not angry because it’s against the tradition. It is not as shallow as that. If one truly, truly understand what is Melayu - I swear every Westernize concepts that they know of, they will chuck them in the bin!

*Kuda-Kuda is a Silat (Malay Martial Art) ‘s basic stance. The lower you are to the ground, the harder it is for you to be topple over by the enemy. Look at that wisdom! Think about it. It’ll drive you mad with awe.